segunda-feira, 25 de março de 2013

Diálogos parte 1

- Hey there, how's hanging...?
- Ha, ya know... Just hangin'...
- Yeah, but I heard it's tough to... ya know, "hang".
- It's cool... It's not like someone ripped out my chest, took away my heart with a hand full of glitter and throw around in the mud only to watch how mad dogs eat it all up... No offenses,btw...
- No, no, I'm cool with that... But glitter? WTF?
- I'm trying to convince my subconscious that everything was magical and stuff...
- Even the gore parts?
- Specially the gore parts... *silence*
- There's anything I could help?
- Sure! D'ya has a time machine or something?
- Nope.
- Great, gimme sum tea and cookies and I'll be fine...
- Sugar coating the gore again?
- Nah, just doing the fucking usual...
- And that would be...?
- ...
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